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Rather than focusing primarily on symptoms of illness, BCST is attentive to the inherent health in each of us. During a session, the therapist uses a neutral yet supportive presence to establish an energetic field that promotes deep relaxation. By using gentle holds (typically at the head, back, sacrum and feet) a therapist listens through touch, and tracks subtle changes in a deeply process-oriented approach. The treatment is safe, noninvasive and supportive to the central nervous system. Much like meditation, there may be a sense of stillness and expansion. Many clients say the experience feels soft and floating, while others may use the space for profound emotional or physical clearing. Every session is different, because every person is unique, and uniquely poised on their own path.

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy is a healing modality that comes out of Osteopathic Medicine, founded by Andrew Taylor Still. Though Dr. still learned directly from Shawnee bodyworkers during the years he lived on their land, credit was never formally given to this heritage. My intentions with this work are undergoing shifts as I take this in deeper. In the meantime, in gratitude and in acknowledgment of this erasure, I donate monthly to the Shawnee Tribe Cultural Center and also donate 10% of my fee for all energy sessions. 

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Astrology is an ancient art that explores life in the greater context of the cosmos. To read the intricate map of space at any moment is to reveal a mirrored portrait in our human form and action. We hear this concept in the phrase, "As above, so below." Many cultures throughout history have considered the luminaries and planets to be sacred carriers of meaning, shedding light on our experiences and allowing us deeper perspective on our personal triumphs and struggles. Astrology is philosophy, mythology, science and spirituality all elegantly intertwined in a field of study as vast as the stars.

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ABOUT ME I have always been drawn to the places in myself and others that defy categorization, that are searching, ambiguous and contradictory. At its core, this attraction is simply a quest for insight, a lifelong search for the deeper truths about existence. And yet, for much of my life, those truths would not avail themselves to me. People would arrive and disappear, events would occur, there were losses and gains, but I could never put them into context or feel my internal compass point me in a clear direction. This is why the discoveries of astrology and energy work have been so important on my own path, and why I seek to share the magic they offer with others. In unique ways, each allows us to see our individual place inside larger cosmic forces - to feel held, supported and important. This embrace can embolden us to create an interactive relationship with our own mythology. It can open us up to a more expansive and personal definition of what it means to live "a meaningful life."

ENERGY WORK I am a graduate of LifeShapes Institute's Two Year Professional Training Program in Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy. As part of my curriculum, I have seen private clients weekly since September 2017 (with a hiatus in 2020 and 2021, due to the pandemic). It is my honor to assist others in awakening their unique and inherent healing potential through this profound modality. During this time of social distancing, remote work can be deeply supportive, grounding and regulating. Clients regularly express amazement at the quality of the holding field, even in the absence of physical touch. My specific training in remote energy work primarily comes through the Heart to Distant Heart class series with Gary Peterson, RCST (of the Star Institute), HeartMath training, and Usui Reiki training. I hold sessions over Zoom or by phone. In my experience, visual and vocal sensation expands and strengthens feelings of safety and connection immensely.

ASTROLOGY I have trained in the Evolutionary Astrology method with friend and mentor Sabrina Monarch of Monarch Astrology, Archetypal Astrology with Renn Butler, Hellenistic Astrology with Acyuta-bhava Dasa, and Secondary Progressions with Gray Crawford. My own practice pulls from these various teachings and I have set my rate to reflect my current experience level with chart reading.

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Nadia P H (remote energy session)

"During my session with Aliza, I immediately felt met in a way that required me to drop much deeper into my body to receive and be - Aliza was able to facilitate this embodiment through graceful, intuitive direction. I felt both an invitation to arrive as well as a deep permissioning to come just as I was and to meet what was there with curiosity. The experience of having space held, of being witnessed, supported and met by Aliza, was both profound and soothing. Through our remote session I felt deeply supported which allowed very vulnerable parts of my being to begin to surface. I physically felt the energetic realignments that Aliza was feeling called to make throughout the session and she provided me the space and time to rest, guiding me in finding ways of resourcing deeper into the quantum field and into parts of my body that I have often felt a disconnect with. In being curious and asking questions and meeting feelings that arose, a quiet journey ensued which I knew and trusted to be making profound shifts, deeply and gently. I left our session knowing that my capacity to receive had been expanded and like layers of stress had come away from my being. Aliza was also able to recommend certain processes during our session that have enhanced my toolkit, encouraging me to find ways of coming further into rest and embodiment daily. I'm so grateful to you, Aliza, for the generous and masterful way you hold space and facilitate a session."

Rebecca B (craniosacral)

Aliza has a gift. As a western medicine psychiatric provider myself, working with her confirms my sense that there is so much more than can be accessed in psychotherapy or with medications. Personally, I have had sessions with her which lifted blocks and addressed old and archaic traumas which took years to unearth in my own psychoanalytic therapy. I emphatically urge anyone struggling or searching to make an appointment with her. She is a natural healer, and a well-studied practitioner who is warm, inviting, empathic, wise and able to handle deep and complicated pathologies.

Sophie R (craniosacral)

Working with Aliza was my introduction to Craniosacral Therapy, and I can't imagine a more gentle, patient, and grounded practitioner to work with. As someone who struggles to enter meditative states, let alone maintain a practice, I am repeatedly blown away by how quickly and deeply Aliza enables me to relax and stay present during her sessions. Trying to find words to describe a session is difficult, but the best I can muster is that I feel often as if I am floating in outer space while reconnecting with my inner baby. I am at once free of my human form and its earthly associations, while at the same time more attuned to my body than ever before. I think this is as much a credit to the modality as it is to Aliza as a uniquely warm and meticulous healer. I highly recommend working with Aliza if you struggle with dissociation, trauma lodged in the body, uncontrollable thought patterns, anxiety and depression,chronic pain, or want to deepen your meditation practice.

Kate T (craniosacral)

My time on Aliza's table has been transformative. As someone with a chronic illness, I have seen many types of bodyworkers and I'm so grateful that Aliza was recommended to me. Every move she makes is beautifully trauma informed but not in a way that feels clinical and distancing from me. Rather, her gentle and loving presence allows for my system to be with what is scary, tender and hidden away. Sometimes I cry, sometimes I laugh, sometimes I fall so deeply into relaxation that it feels like I've slept for eight hours at the end of our sessions. I always leave with my body and heart feeling restored. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Jesse S (craniosacral)

Working with Aliza was an absolute dream. I'm not sure how to describe exactly what happens on that table, except to say that it is an experience of being profoundly held and witnessed - and that the healing that comes through is immediately tangible. Sometimes deep emotions would surface, sometimes sudden clarity around a relationship pattern. In quieter sessions, there was the sensation of slipping more fully and naturally into self. Thank you, Aliza, for the care you put into sharing your gifts!

Jaclyn M (astrology)

I had the pleasure of receiving an astrological reading from Aliza; as a student of Astrology, I have come to know my own chart very well, but Aliza showed me a few placements I hadn't realized before. I really resonated with her interpretations, and found her resolutions practical and helpful. The reading brought more clarity, self-understanding and awareness to my personality and life experiences. She has an incredible ability to hold a warm, welcoming, compassionate and grounded space when it comes to sharing sensitive information. I would highly recommend Aliza to anyone looking for an Astrology reading.

Willis S (craniosacral)

I have received Craniosacral and Reiki from Aliza. As someone who has been living life and expanding using twelve step programs and psychotherapy, I found Aliza's empathic intuition with these new-to-me modalities grounding, informing and reassuring.

Keiko Y (craniosacral)

Aliza is a very rare and true healer who was born to heal people and animals and all other beings. When she gave me Craniosacral Therapy for the first time, I remember this heaviness, it was almost a huge block that was stored in my sacral chakra, came out. Literally, it came out with one session. I couldn't believe how much lighter I felt, immediately much better, and my emotional pain and blockage were actually gone. Thank you, Aliza, and I look forward to my next session!

Josh F (remote energy session)

I had never done remote/distance energy work before. I am a nurse working in the Tenderloin district of San Francisco. Lets just say I have been stressed out and not really aware of how much I was until the session I had with Aliza. Aliza has a wonderful intuitive presence. She led me through a guided meditation that was phenomenally soothing. It started out being interactive. She was asking me some questions and leading my into a comforting place. She made a place. It enveloped me. I do not know how long the session was because honestly I fell a sleep. However it was a waking sleep. I had entered into that place between sleep. I woke up suddenly and was very disoriented. I was back in my room but she was
gone. It took me a moment to realize
that she physically had never been
there. She was still in LA. 
I felt warm and so comfortable. I took the first nap I had taken in years. 
It was wonderful. I will definitely do this again. Thank you, Aliza.

Sean O (remote energy session)

I wholeheartedly recommend distance healing with Aliza for the potency and effectiveness of her work. In other circumstances, a sort of placebo by suggestion for these sorts of things might work, but "mood-making" is not what occurred in my session with Aliza. This was real-deal, next-level healing, and I would even go beyond simplifying the session into "energy work" because there was a definite physiological correlation in the aftermath. At the same time, Aliza creates this ultimate safe space, psychologically, to gently start dissolving trauma that hinders the full functionality of the body. A few days later, there's more space in my shoulders and hips, my spirit is lighter, and I'm automatically waking up before the crack of dawn. It's a big shift for me, a profound holistic experience that far surpassed my expectations as to what is possible. I'm ever grateful for your work, Aliza.

Elexa J (remote energy session/astrology)

In the span of a few months, Aliza has made an indelible mark on my life. She has helped me garner a lot of inner confidence and safety, because of how she helps me navigate the boundaries and paths of my inner labyrinth. Meeting Aliza afforded me the breath I didn’t realize I could take during a difficult time. I’m truly grateful for her skill, insight and expertise in both the astrology and energy fields. When you have the privilege to speak with her, you immediately feel held without her having to be in the same room. I’m excited to continue to work with her and support her practice.

Jonathan K (remote energy session)

Aliza is a gentle, skilled, and powerful practitioner. I came into our most recent session feeling anxious and disembodied. Aliza skillfully put me back together. During our time together, Aliza assisted me in bringing awareness into parts of my body I almost forgot existed and, in so doing, helped me reclaim my awareness of the inherent life force. I also found greater ease in claiming my own energetic space. In the weeks prior to meeting with Aliza, my body has been craving more physical exercise but I can't seem to find the energy to establish a routine. Our session helped me tap into a sustainable well of energy that I'm now pouring into daily movements. I know it wasn't an Astrology session, but it's as if Aliza helped me find my way back into my Mars. If you're looking for a practitioner who is deeply intuitive and for a session that will continue to give back, I highly recommend Aliza's work!

Cello C-P (remote energy session)

This was the best healing session I've ever received. Like you had described, you were not the healer but rather the facilitator. You were not a surgeon cutting into me and fixing me, you were supporting my ability to generate healing from within. You allowed me to follow whatever direction felt right. I felt safe to lay in uncertainty and indecision and silence, no pressure to speak up, but also safe in knowing that I could speak up. I came into the session feeling very edgy and scared and left feeling free. I felt that I got to know parts of myself that I never knew before. I feel like this one session was powerful enough to extract and soften the pain of all past healing sessions gone wrong. I felt like me again. The surprising thing about it is that it was so softening and opening and relaxing in a way that I've never felt before. Usually feeling the hard edges of a ritual, and not the coziness of heart space. I have never felt so wrapped up and warm, also opened and unashamed in a healing space. I also really appreciate your check in afterwards, the intake form, and the feeling that you really were right there next to me throughout the whole process. Since the session, I've been feeling freer. There are these boundaries I used to live within that I no longer feel are necessary for my survival, and it is like being allowed to take up space in ways that I didn't know were possible for me. My body is still creaky, and my heart is still packed with grief, and I am coming to terms with the reality that, unless I go full force into spiritual living, this might be how it is for the rest of my life. I've also decided, maybe it is okay to be who I am. Realizing that who I am is something that exists with or without my awareness of it.

Cici C (craniosacral)

"Everything unfolds in the fullness of time." I find that this sentiment describes Aliza's work perfectly. Aliza provides the gift of time. Experiencing a healing session with Aliza is witnessing the unfolding of time. She facilitates an expansive and oceanic experience. In her sessions, I have the feeling of falling into deep layers of myself. The energy moves in gentle and comforting waves. I feel safe, even when traumatic memories, insights or breakthroughs surface, which is often. I have left each session knowing myself better, feeling better equipped to access my center and place of calm, and confident in the healing power of my human body.

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Please see the contact form below for my email address and availability. Note that payment is sliding scale; if you require further financial assistance, please ask so that I can attempt to make my services more affordable to you.


90-minute in-person Craniosacral session


one hour remote energy session


75 minute natal chart and forecast reading

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During this time of Shelter in Place, I am no longer working in person, but am available for distance work throughout the week, daytime and evenings. Please contact me through email to set up a Zoom or phone appointment.

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